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September 25, 2013

ACTION ALERT: Call your U.S. Senator now and ask them to "Vote NO on Cloture" for the House spending bill (Continuing Resolution) that funds government fully but defunds Obamacare. Although counterintuitive, as Sen. Ted Cruz said last night, "The cloture vote is a vote to allow Harry Reid to fully fund Obamacare."


The cloture vote - a vote to cut off Senate debate over the bill and allow Senate floor action on the bill - could take place between today and Friday if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid thinks he has the votes. If Reid gets the needed 60 votes to cut off debate (he'll need GOP members to do it), he will then allow only one amendment - an amendment to strip out the House's defunding of Obamacare - and for that all he'll need is a simple majority vote of 51 of the 56 Democrat Senators later this week. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121.



Obama’s Phony October 1 “Deadline”

October 1 is a phony deadline. Ignore it. Nobody has to sign up for Obamacare. Absolutely nothing has to happen on October 1. Instead, October 1 is the first day to refuse to enroll in Obama's exchanges ( In six days, you can begin your own personal Obamacare resistance campaign. Our motto: Resist. Repeal. Reclaim.


Refusing to enroll in exchanges is not illegal. Refusing is, in fact, a constitutionally-protected right. To be clear, there are three ways to comply with Obamacare without enrolling in the government exchanges:


  1. Obtain government-approved private health insurance (only available outside Obamacare exchange) by January 1, 2014 to avoid the "Uninsured Tax" - which will be assessed per month you are uninsured.


  1. Choose to go uninsured and pay the "Uninsured Tax" with your 2015 taxes. For tax year 2014 it's $95/year or up to 1% of your income, whichever is greater.


  1. If eligible, claim one or more of the nine exemptions to the Obamacare mandate (4) or the Uninsured Tax (5).


The "October 1st Deadline" is a merely a marketing ploy to create panic. The Obama administration has doled out millions of taxpayer dollars for marketing and outreach to try to drive the American public into Obama's exchanges. Exchanges face a January 1, 2015 deadline - that's the day all federal funding for exchanges disappears and exchanges become financially dependent on enrollment. Thus, they want you in as soon as possible.


Troubling glitches provide more reasons to say no. For instance, Minnesota's exchange (MNsure) recently sent private data on 2,400 insurance agents, including Social Security numbers, to an individual insurance broker. In addition, the federal health insurance exchange (HIX) portal ( - where people living in the 34 states that refused to set up an exchange can enroll in Obamacare - is still miscalculating prices.


Which begs the question: If you're charged too much, does the government have a 1-800-GiveMeMyMoneyBack phone number?


Enrollees also face massive exposure to fraud and identity theft. The Feds are creating the nation's largest computerized database of personal data on Americans. There have already been over 1,100 complaints about various types of Obamacare fraud and the Exchanges are not yet operational. Imagine when enrollee data on income, employment, tax status, citizenship, families, insurance, Social Security numbers and more is available in one online hacker-accessible place.


Yesterday, the U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee (RPC) used CCHF's diagram of the Obamacare Hub to highlight the dangers of fraud in the "Monster Exchange."


The next six months of open enrollment are critical to stopping Obamacare. We're pleased our Hub diagram has been used by the RPC, Fox News, FreedomWorks and others to explain the Exchange. And we're pleased our "Refuse to Enroll" campaign has been in the national news - The Washington Post, Star Tribune, The Wall Street Journal and CNN to name a few. But there is much more CCHF needs to do to bring the facts about Obamacare and the #refuse2enroll message to Americans.


Would you consider a tax-deductible donation today of $10, $50, $100 or $500 to CCHF's "Refuse to Enroll" campaign so we can continue to inform the national debate and help the public understand the critical importance of refusing to enroll in Obamacare?


Obamacare is the federal takeover of health care. Do not doubt it. Take action now. Donate to CCHF today, refuse to enroll in Obamacare, and share our "Refuse to Enroll" flier with your family, friends and neighbors.


Working to make sure Obamacare is repealed once and for all,


Twila Brase

President and Co-founder




News to Know:

Refuse to Sign the HIPAA Form

Welcome to our "Refuse to Sign the HIPAA Privacy Form" campaign! We have a one-page flier online and we have produced wallet-sized, two-sided info cards for you to take with you to the doctor's office. For a donation of any size, we'll send you a stack of 15 cards. They prove you don't have to sign the form. We use the federal government as our back-up for your right to refuse. If anything adverse happens when you refuse, please share your story with us. We've heard from far too many people who are initially denied medical care when they refuse. This card is meant to stop that wrongful response. For more information or to make a donation and receive your HIPAA cards, call 651-646-8935.

HHS Lax on HIX Security

With less than a week before implementation, Health and Human Services inspectors will not be reviewing draft and final security plans for Obama's health insurance exchanges (HIX) prior to the Oct. 1 launch. During an interview, HHS assistant inspector general Kay Daly explained by saying, "we've got to cut off our work at a certain point...we are still trying to figure out what's the best use of our resources..." It's telling that, to HHS, the best use of taxpayer resources is not to check the final security measures on an online system that will hold millions of pieces of American's confidential data.

Republicans Unveil Obamacare Alternative

Republican critics of Obamacare unveiled an alternative health care reform plan that seeks to expand coverage, increase buying options, and equalize tax treatment of private insurance. The American Health Care Reform Act, put forward by the Republican Study Committee (RSC), stands as a response to critics claiming that Republicans have offered no alternative to Obamacare. In fact, the RSC plan is the second alternative proposed this year, as Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) introduced another alternative in early 2013.

Obamacare's True Cost Revealed

The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research has released an interactive map detailing how the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, will affect each state's health premiums. The map reports the average health insurance premiums for males and females in three age groups in each state, and compares them to what the premiums will be under Obamacare coverage. Fourteen states currently have the comparisons up, while information for the remaining states will be compared as those states exchanges release their premium information. While you were sleeping last night, HHS released the prices. Look for the map to be updated.

HHS Launches "Meaningful Consent" Site

HHS is particularly good with "smoke and mirrors" operations. The Department of Health and Human Services has launched a "meaningful consent" website. The website includes laws and information relating to health information exchanges (HIEs), and additional tools to educate patients about the electronic systems. However, patient consent, if allowed by an HIE, appears to be only available for "payment, treatment and health care operations." Under HIPAA and HITECH, government and other entities have access for a broad ranges of activities beyond P,T & HCO.

Hospitals Targeted in Syrian Conflict

Civilian medical care is in particular danger in Syria, leaving doctors unable to treat many patients. While the majority of the world has been focusing on the 1,400 deaths from chemical weapons, thousands more are dying because of the destruction of Syria's health care system. The destruction seems intentional. Dr. Annie Sparrow, the former director of UNICEF's malaria program in Somalia, said on a blog that she has never seen medical neutrality being violated as much as in Syria. Out of concern for the situation, 55 international medical professionals have signed an open letter demanding that physicians be allowed to treat patients.

Critics Are Right: ACA Limits Access

Obamacare critics, including CCHF, have long said any lower insurance premiums promised under Obamacare will come at the cost of limited care options. Our billboard states, "Why can't I choose my OWN doctor?" These concerns have consistently been dismissed as groundless, but now it comes to light that, in fact, insurers will be significantly limiting consumer choice of doctors and hospitals. As The New York Times is now reporting, in anticipation of the Obamacare rollout, insurers across the country are attempting to lower premiums by severely restricting the number of doctors and hospitals available to treat patients under plans obtained through the ACA exchanges. It's hard to argue with critics of Obamacare when what they say is true.

Medicare Advantage Plan Options Shrinking

According to an analysis from Avalere Health, Obamacare's pay cuts to private Medicare plans are starting to have an impact. Medicare Advantage (MA) plans will see significant cuts, with the number of offerings available to seniors in 2014 decreasing by 5 percent. The analysis reports that about 80 percent of counties in the South and Midwest will experience a decrease in MA plans, and over 50 percent of counties in the Northeast and West will experience similar drops ( POLITICO Pro, Sept. 2013).

FDA Requiring Medical Device IDs

Under a new rule issued by the FDA, medical device manufacturers will soon have to use a computerized system to register and monitor all of their devices, including those implanted in individuals. According to the rule, most medical devices will be required to have an identification number that will allow for the individual device to be monitored and easily recalled if necessary. The ID numbers will be stored in a central FDA-maintained database and used to monitor how devices are distributed and used. The database is also being implemented with the goal of identifying and recalling faulty products more efficiently and less dangerously to patients (POLITICO Pro, Sept. 2013).

IRS Official Who Targeted Tea Party Resigns

IRS official Lois Lerner, the woman at the center of the tea party targeting scandal, has resigned  from the agency. She was forced out for "neglect of duties." An internal report was going to call for her ouster. Lerner was the director of a division that reviewed applications for tax-exempt status from political groups. An internal audit revealed that the tea party and other conservative groups had received more scrutiny from Ms. Lerner's division, and that Lerner was looking for reasons to deny tax-exempt status to conservative organizations, sparking claims of political favoritism and strong backlash.  GOP members say Lerner's resignation is not the end of the scandal.

Pricing Glitch Threatens Exchanges

Less than one week before Obama's government exchanges launch, the pricing software being used in the Federal exchanges is not working, giving inaccurate quotes. Four officials familiar with the development of the software said that according to tests, the software is miscalculating the prices of purchasing Obama's exchange coverage. Tests of the price calculator were scheduled to begin months ago, but most tests only began as recently as the week of Sept. 16. Exchange employees are scrambling to fix the problem, but if not resolved by Oct. 1, the glitch could be enough to deter thousands of Americans from enrolling. Let's hope that the glitch cannot be fixed -- ever!

Unaffordable Coverage for Families

A "family glitch" in Obamacare could end up leaving hundreds of thousands of spouses and children uninsured. According to the law, "affordable" health insurance is 9.5% or less of an employee's household income if they receive employer-sponsored coverage (or 8% if they don't). However, the affordability test applies only to coverage for an individual employee, not to coverage for his or her family. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, an average individual plan is about $5,600, but goes up to $15,700 for families, which could be a higher percent of income. If the employee cannot afford family coverage through the employer, the spouse and children are prohibited from getting Obamacare exchange coverage, but HHS has ruled that the spouse and children are exempt from the IRS "uninsured tax" under a "hardships" exemption ( #9).

Insurers Twist Truth to Keep Customers

As open enrollment for Obamacare approaches Oct 1, private insurers such as Humana are making a big, if less than truthful, push to retain policyholders. Several insurers are warning customers of large rate hikes if the customers do not quickly renew their policies for 2014. Insurers are essentially trying to strong-arm healthy policyholders into their policies to keep their customers from switching to ACA Obamacare coverage. Kentucky fined Humana $65,000 for misleading customers.

Quote of the Week:

"When we defund Obamacare, we're all going to be happy, happy, happy." - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) referring to a Duck Dynasty "happy, happy, happy" quote during the debate over the bill to defund Obamacare, September 24, 2013.


Stat of the Week:

$5.3 billion, 16.6 million hours, 40 new forms - the cost, time and paperwork imposed by Obamacare exchanges regulations.



Featured Health Freedom Minute:

Obamacare Failure #2 Mandate

Shortly before July 4th, the administration used a blog to announce Obamacare implementation failure #2 -- a one year delay of the employer mandate. This is illegal. The President cannot decide to simply set aside a law until itʼs politically convenient. But thatʼs not all. Continue reading

Twila Brase broadcasts a daily, 60-second radio feature, Health Freedom Minute, which brings health care issues to light for the American public. Health Freedom Minute airs on the entire American Family Radio Network, with more than 150 stations nationwide in addition to Bott Radio Network with over 80 stations nationwide.

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