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November 20, 2013

Obama’s Unbelieveable Press Conference

President Obama didn't have a teleprompter. On November 14, the president held a press conference to announce that he was implementing yet another "administrative fix" to the Obamacare without the consent of Congress. When he got to the Q&A with reporters, it got interesting. More on that in a moment.


But the primary purpose of the press conference was to say that, suddenly, in violation of the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies that had spent three years preparing to comply with the law -- changing their entire systems, developing and submitting new plans to state insurance commissioners, and sending out stacks of letters to enrollees telling them their old insurance plans were canceled -- would be allowed, solely on the word of the President, to reinstate the canceled policies. But just for a year.


The president's goal is to protect Democrats in the 2014 elections, not you.


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President Obama and the Democrats are desperate to enroll at least 7 million people in the Obamacare exchanges next year because premiums and taxpayer-funded subsidies will be used as operating cash to implement Obamacare. All federal exchange funding disappears December 31, 2014.


Obama's press conference was like no other. Some statements were ridiculously laughable; some were unexpectedly revealing. And although he apologized here, there and everywhere, he never apologized for Obamacare.


Rather than trying to describe the president's comments, I'll let him speak for himself in the following 12 statements. The headings and my comments in brackets are intended for emphasis or understanding. Listen in as President Obama gives answers to questions asked by various news reporters:


Not His Intention??

"With respect to the pledge I made that if you like your plan you can keep it, I think -- you know, and I've said in interviews -- that there is no doubt that the way I put that forward unequivocally ended up not being accurate. It was not because of my intention not to deliver on that commitment and that promise. [His law requires he not deliver on that promise. By June 2010, his regulators said millions would lose their insurance because of grandfathering restrictions.]

Five Percent is Insignificant?

 "You have an individual market that accounts for about 5 percent of the population. And our working assumption was -- my working assumption was that the majority of those folks would find better policies at lower cost or the same cost in the marketplaces [government exchanges]." [At least 16 million people are expected to lose their individual policies.]


No Kidding:

"[W]hat we're also discovering is that insurance is complicated to buy. ... And you know, buying health insurance is never going to be like buying a song on iTunes. You know, it's just a much more complicated transaction. ..." [HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius used to be Insurance Commissioner of Kansas. She knew.]


ACA Not Responsible?

"What we're essentially saying is the Affordable Care Act is not going to be the factor in what happens with folks in the individual market. And my guess is right away you're going to see a number of state insurance commissioners exercise it." [Incorrect on both counts. The ACA is THE factor. Obamacare forbids non-compliant policies from being sold. Furthermore, insurance commissioners in Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington have already refused to let canceled policies be reinstated.]


Political Strategy Unveiled:

"But the key point is, is that it allows us to be able to say to the folks who've received these [cancellation] notices, look, you know, I, the president of the United States, ...


Continue reading...



News to Know:

Who's Got the Best Product?

Last Sunday, Democrat talking points on the Sunday morning TV shows included: "We have a great product that people like and tons of interest in the product." But Twila Brase, president and co-founder of CCHFreedom disagrees. At CCHFreedom's fundraising dinner on Friday, she said:

"Obama is trying to sell the American people a bad product: a government-controlled health care system which is unacceptable, unethical, uncaring and un-American....and totally unaffordable. He's trying to sell coercion, high prices, intrusion and government restrictions.

"We, on the other hands, are selling personal freedom, privacy, choice of doctor, timely medical care, personalized medicine, a confidential patient-doctor relationship, pocketbook pricing, lower taxes, and keeping more of your own money. We have a great product. If we can help people see this difference, their choice will be simple."

Obamacare "Fix" Could Cost Millions

To let people keep their current less expensive plans, an Obamacare-required redistribution device may be used more rigorously than intended. Insurers who profit from the new system will pay into a new federal fund that struggling insurers can collect from, with their payments moving to them through these "risk corridors." However, if not enough money enters the fund, the U.S. Treasury pays the difference. This could end up costing American taxpayers millions. In short, President Obama plans to spend millions to temporarily fix - until after the 2014 election - a political problem his law caused.

Obama Asks Insurers to Ignore the Law

Last Thursday, following his modus operandi, President Obama announced in a press conference (video) he'd stop his administration from enforcing a politically difficult section of Obamacare. The White House says it will use "enforcement discretion" to allow illegal health insurance plans to be able to still be held and sold. Individuals will be able to have non-compliant plans without fear of penalty...for a year. Until the 2014 election is over. What is the next provision of Obamacare that the President will claim authority to undo when it's politically advantageous?

Beer Money or "Brosurance"

There's "hip and edgy," and then there's "condescending and tacky." The now infamous "brosurance" ad falls into the latter category. The ad shows college guys doing a keg stand and encourages people to get insurance so they don't have to spend their "beer money" on medical bills. This rather bad attempt at relevancy is part of an effort to trick young healthy adults into enrolling in Obama's exchanges. And "trick" is the right word, because young adults may actually be $500-1,000 better off if they refuse to enroll and pay the Obamacare "uninsured tax" instead.

Not "Hall of Fame" Worthy

Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that the White House's goal of having the Obamacare exchange site working for 80% of users by November 30 is admirable  (POLITICO Pro, Nov. 18, 2013). Asked if 80% was sufficient, Gibbs said, "In baseball you'd be in the hall of fame twice." But health care is not a game. There are lives at stake. What if only 80% of patients could get into the clinic, and what if the 20% were the ones most in need of care? That's government health care. Twenty percent left out in the cold by a government that thinks 80% is "hall of fame" worthy.

What Happened to "Obamacare Girl"?

Obamacare Girl. Glitch Girl. She had many names, and for months, a smiling brunette was the face of leading up to and during the initial days of Obamacare's Oct. 1 launch. Her image has since been removed from the site, but ABC News has been able to identify her as a Maryland mother known only as "Adrianna," who did not get paid for her trouble and has yet to even attempt enrolling in Obamacare herself. Originally intended to personalize the health insurance website, the photo has been removed to avoid putting a face to the disastrous rollout.

Single-Payer Inroads in the Media

Politico announced a new edition to their reporting staff. Susan Levine, former health and medicine reporter for The Washington Post, is their new deputy editor. She took a hiatus from reporting during which she worked on 'child obesity' at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a single-payer advocacy organization that uses millions in grant dollars every year to reshape policy nationally, at the state level and internationally. Can a well-trained RWJF staffer write objectively about both sides of the health care issue?

Zero Enrollees in Oregon...Still

Since launching on Oct. 1, zero people have enrolled using Oregon's exchange (which still doesn't work). Meanwhile, only 136 people have enrolled in the state of Delaware, where 12,000 policies have been canceled. The 136 enrollees represent only four-tenths of one percent of the 35,000 who are expected to enroll.

No Penalty for False Income Estimates

According to a Q&A forum on Covered California, there will be no interest or penalties on overpaid health care subsidies. This means that someone enrolling in the exchanges could estimate their income to be lower than it actually is in order to receive a greater subsidy without incurring any sort of penalty. According to the site, "the IRS will recover the subsidy overpayment as part of your federal tax payment for that tax year."

Black Students Unimpressed with Obamacare

Bowie State University, a historically black university in Maryland, cancelled a $50 per semester student health plan due to increased premiums brought about by Obamacare. The new plan costs $900, so the University will not offer them. Students must get insurance independently or go without. Summarizing his disappointment, a student said, "what [Obamacare] was hyped up to be, was that it was supposed to solve a lot of problems and help a lot of people, and it's not really doing that."

Obamacare Close to a "Death Spiral"

In a Nov. 15 appearance on Fox News, Harvard Professor David Cutler, one of the so-called architects of Obamacare, said we could be witnessing the beginning of the end for the troubled law. Cutler addressed the recent yearlong delay, saying the program could potentially survive that, but not much more. "If it becomes a permanent situation that people who are healthier stay away and people who are sicker go into the exchanges, that becomes a very big problem...that could be the beginning of a death spiral."

Criticize Obamacare...Lose Your Job

A government official was fired one day after criticizing President Obama's recent proposed Obamacare "fix." In response to Obama's plan to let insurers reissue canceled policies, Washington D.C. insurance commissioner William P. White said, "the action today undercuts the purpose of the creating exceptions that make it more difficult for them to operate." The following morning, White was informed that his "services were no longer needed." The specific reasons for his termination were not mentioned, but White says people can draw their own conclusions.

Doctors Very Unhappy With EHRs

Nearly 60 percent of providers surveyed for a health report say that they are not satisfied with their use of electronic health records, saying they are difficult to use and disrupt workflow. IDC Health Insights surveyed 212 providers and found that though the adoption of EHRs is widespread, satisfaction is very low. "Most office-based providers find themselves at lower productivity levels than before the implementation of EHRs," said IDC Research Director Judy Hanover. Under the 2009 Recovery Act ("stimulus") any doctor, hospital or clinician who does not use an EHR by January 1, 2015 faces financial penalties from Medicare.

Obamacare Limits Hospital Coverage

On top of millions of Americans losing their health insurance policies because of Obamacare, millions more are realizing that even if they get coverage through the exchange, it may be extremely limited. A recent survey by found that many top hospitals across the U.S. will not be covered by Obamacare. According to the survey, a number of hospitals around the nation will only be accepting plans from one or two companies through the exchanges.

Quote of the Week:

"[H]aving ordered America's insurance companies to comply with Obamacare, the president announced [Thursday] that he is now ordering them not to comply with Obamacare. The legislative branch ... passed a law purporting to grandfather your existing health plan. The regulatory bureaucracy then interpreted the law so as to un-grandfather your health plan. So His Most Excellent Majesty has commanded that your health plan be de-un-grandfathered. That seems likely to work.


"The insurance industry had three years to prepare for the introduction of Obamacare. Now the King has given them six weeks to de-introduce Obamacare. ... Later that day, anxious to help him out, Congress offered to 'pass' a 'law' allowing people to keep their health plans. The same president who had unilaterally commanded that people be allowed to keep their health plans indignantly threatened to veto any such law to that effect: It only counts if he does it -- geddit?" - Mark Steyn, National Review Online, November 15, 2013.

Stats of the Week:

56% - adults who do not believe the government has a responsibility to ensure that American have health care coverage, a 28 percentage point increase from 2006. Only 42% say it is the government's responsibility.

News Release of the Week:

Destruction of Newborn Genetic Test Results Still Has NOT Begun in Minnesota

ST. PAUL, Minn. - This past Saturday was supposed to mark the first day that baby genetic test result destruction was to begin in Minnesota, marking a historic victory for the protection of private medical information and genetic privacy. Continue reading

Featured Health Freedom Minute:

Does Obama Think He's King?

On the day before the US House voted to let you keep your health plan, President Obama claimed that he could change Obamacare at will. He said state insurance commissioners can let health plans reinstitute the cancelled health insurance policies if health plans agree to do so. Continue reading

Twila Brase broadcasts a daily, 60-second radio feature, Health Freedom Minute, which brings health care issues to light for the American public. Health Freedom Minute airs on the entire American Family Radio Network, with more than 150 stations nationwide in addition to Bott Radio Network with over 80 stations nationwide.

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