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February 12, 2014


Anarchy in the White House

The White House is engaged in anarchy. Do you think this too strong a word? Decide for yourself.  Definitions of anarchy found online include:


  • "A state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority."


  • "Absence or denial of any authority or established order."


Charles Krauthammer says President Obama has "unilaterally altered" the law "lawlessly at least 15 times." Obama is now dangling a new illegal proposal to allow Americans with individual insurance to keep their policies for three years -- until he's out of office. It doesn't matter that we don't like Obamacare or that it's unconstitutional. America is a law where the rule of law protects our freedom. And the highest law of the land is the Constitution, which says the president may not write his own laws.


This week, Obama's Treasury Department declared a second delay of the law's January 1, 2014 employer mandate - this time until 2016. The Wall Street Journal says employers pressured the administration to "peel back" the requirement. What does it mean for freedom when people with power, cash and connections get America's president to collude in illegal actions?


Why is Obama doing this? First, a delay of the employer mandate without a delay of the individual mandate will drive more of the public into Obamacare exchanges to implement the takeover. (HHS today reports 3.3 million people have "selected a plan" in the exchange. This includes Medicaid and those who have not paid.) Second, once people are in the Obamacare exchange it will be easier for them to stay there and for employers to pay the penalty rather than provide costly coverage.  Third, every decree reduces political pressure on Democrats providing them with cover for the coming elections. And fourth, he's gotten away with it for months. Why stop now?


Is his lawless behavior an impeachable offense? Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst called for impeachment last October. More recently Congressman Paul Broun said he'd vote for impeachment. Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States says: "The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."


What are "other high Crimes and Misdemeanors"? Well, consider what happens if we break the law? If we refuse to insure ourselves, we're fined. There are 80,000 pages of Obamacare regulations to enforce the law and penalize those who violate it...except, apparently the president who signed it into law.


President Obama is ruthlessly disregarding his constitutional responsibility to "take care that the laws are faithfully executed." He finds U.S. law an unnecessary nuisance.  As he said to the French president, "That's the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want."


Obama is the elected leader of the free world, but he is dismantling freedom and eviscerating the highest law of the land. Is there any higher crime? Under the Constitution, the U.S. Senate has the "sole Power to try all Impeachments," and the U.S. House has "the sole Power of Impeachment." Who will take the first step?


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Twila Brase

President and Co-founder







News to Know:

The Next Money Grab: Food

In a move reminiscent of the Big Tobacco takedown of the 1990s, lawyers are proposing a radical idea to attorneys general in 16 states: make the food industry pay for the increasing obesity-related health care costs. They charge the food industry with contributing to America's obesity crisis. The food industry wonders how a lawsuit can curb obesity. People eat what they choose to eat. This is not about curbing obesity. This is a money grab, pure and simple. What government could do is simply restrict what food stamps can purchase.

"Wrongful Birth" Lawsuit

On Dec. 13, a couple was awarded $50 million in a "wrongful birth" lawsuit after their son was born with severe disabilities. Had they known this in utero, the child would have been aborted. Belgium just recently passed a law allowing children with incurable diseases and disabilities to ask to die. This communicates that some believe that the disabled do not have lives worth living. At the same time, the social criteria for disabilities are being expanded to include things such as diseases, attention disorders, and obesity. How easily we dole out "disability" labels while simultaneously passing laws that make it easier for the disable to die. It's a frightening double standard.

CMS to Release Physician Payment Data

The Medicare administration will soon begin releasing data on how much Medicare pays to individual doctors. Starting on March 18, CMS will release information on a case-by-case basis if someone requests it under the Freedom of Information Act. For each request, CMS will weigh privacy rights against the value of the information to the public prior to release. Physician groups urge caution saying, "Medicare data is highly susceptible to misleading conclusions."

$28B Taxpayer-Funded EHR Failure

In an appearance on The Daily Show, former Defense secretary Robert Gates said that he failed when it came to developing a joint health record for the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments. Gates said that he and VA secretary Eric Shinseki wanted a joint health record, but faced pushback, with technical people in each department wanting to own and run their own system independently. The cost of a joint record soared last year to $28 billion. Instead, the two departments will pursue a joint data management system.

Woman Sues Clinic for Aborting Wrong Baby

In 2012 a Spanish woman conceived twins via in vitro fertilization (IVF). When she discovered one of her twins had a (treatable) heart defect, she opted to abort the child. Despite many tests, the healthy child was aborted by accident. The woman then successfully sued the clinic for negligent practice because the healthy child was "very much wanted." She was the mother of two, but only wanted one.

Americans Losing Jobs Over Obamacare

According to congressional analysts, millions of American workers will be cutting their work hours or leaving their jobs entirely because of Obamacare. This projection comes from the fact that many workers will opt to keep their income lower than possible to remain eligible for federal health care subsidies. These workforce changes would be equivalent to the loss of nearly 2.3 million full-time jobs by 2021.

Obamacare Insurers May Expand Plans

To reduce costs, Obamacare insurers limited access to providers. The plans may now need to expand their plans to include more federally funded health clinics, small hospitals and other medical providers used by low-income Americans. Under a proposed bill, health plans offered through Obamacare exchanges may be required to cover 30 percent of "essential community providers," increasing from a 20 percent requirement in 2014. But some say even that's not enough.

Older Americans Concerned About Obamacare Quality

According to an announcement from API Healthcare, most older Americans are worried about how the Affordable Care Act may affect the quality of their health care. In a survey of 1,700 U.S. adults aged 30 and older, 82 percent believe that nurses are spread too thin. Similarly, 69 percent are concerned that millions of new patients coming into health care systems will result in a decrease in quality to meet the increased demand.

State Exchanges Anticipate Losing Federal Aid

The 14 states running their own health insurance exchanges have been completely federally funded, but must by law start paying for them beginning January 1, 2015. To date the 14 states have received nearly $3.8 billion, but are projecting difficulties with operating on a much smaller budget. Covered California, considered an example of a "successful" exchange, is setting aside nearly $200 million in anticipation of huge budget shortfalls as it prepares for life after federal aid.

ACA Calorie-Count Requirement too Vague

One of Obamacare's hidden requirements may end up being its most ridiculous and costly. Buried deep in the ACA's 10,000 pages is a strict calorie labeling requirement that would require any and all food distributors to print calorie counts for all items on their signs and menus. The vague wording of the law makes it unclear what will be expected of places where food choice is customizable, and whether the regulations will include cafés, food trucks and even hotel minibars.

Health Organizations Support Blue Button Initiative

Several of the nation's largest medical organizations are pledging their support for the Blue Button Initiative - a health care and government partnership that gives Americans access to their own electronic health records - but not control over them. The Department of Veteran's Affairs (V.A.) launched the Blue Button Initiative in 2010 to give veterans the ability to access and download their health records online. Since then the initiative has expanded, giving 150 million Americans the ability to access certain parts of their medical records at any time.

"It Ain't So," Say California Docs

Some California doctors who have not agreed to accept patients on the Obamacare exchange are surprised to discover that they are listed in Covered California's list of providers. Many physicians across California are not participating in exchange coverage because the reimbursement rates are far too low to be sustainable. After complaints, the list was updated to remove non-participating doctors.

Supporters Credit 2012 Health Spending to Obamacare

Despite the numerous problems Obamacare continues to face, that hasn't stopped its supporters from deeming it an economic miracle. However, actuaries admit that the law had "a minimal impact on overall national health spending growth through 2012."

Quote of the Week:

"It is illegal for Walgreens to attempt to force employees like Dr. Hall to dispense certain drugs in violation of their religious and moral beliefs...especially after six years of settled store practices showed that Walgreens could reasonably accommodate Dr. Hall's religious beliefs with no difficulties." - Jocelyn Floyd, attorney with the Thomas More Society suing Walgreens, which fired pharmacist Dr. Phillip Hall for refusing to distribute contraceptives.



Stat of the Week:

$3.8 billion - federal grants provided under the Recovery Act ("stimulus") for the purchase and establishment of interoperable electronic health records accessible to government.


News Release of the Week:

Fiscal Cliffs in Health Exchanges Will Lead to Lower Wages and Fewer Workers

St. Paul, Minn. - Patient advocate Twila Brase, co-founder of Citizens' Council for Health Freedom, has found unsettling and confusing problems in the Affordable Care Act. Those problems are further exposed by the new CBO report showing that over 10 years 2.5 million people will leave the work force and $1 trillion will be added to our national debt.

By using the Kaiser subsidy calculator the reasons for the loss of workers becomes clear. Some people will be forced to choose between high cost coverage or reducing hours, leaving the workforce early, or quitting work in order to lower their income and receive taxpayer-funded subsidies for their insurance premiums. Continue reading

Featured Health Freedom Minute:

51 Votes is All That's Needed

As we look toward the mid-term elections and wonder if the Democrats will lose the Senate and the Republicans will keep the House, consider the new filibuster rules. Just three months ago, Senate Democrats changed the rules. Instead of needing 60 votes to end a filibuster, they need only 51 votes. As a result, many courts will be packed with liberal justices. Continue reading

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