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March 5, 2014


Protect Privacy or Accept Government Control

He who holds the data makes the rules. If you haven't figured this out, it's almost too late.  Obama knows it. In 2009, his team mandated electronic medical records and $27 billion to make it happen as a "foundation" for health care reform.


If you wonder whether medical privacy is important, check out Minnesota, where the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Democrat-controlled legislature plan to eliminate all medical privacy rights. Bills being fast-tracked include:


  • GENETIC GRAB: Repeal of hard-won parent consent requirements for government storage, use, and sharing of Baby DNA and newborn (genetic) screening test results for genetic research. The forces supporting repeal (including the MN Medical Association) have boatloads of lobbyists meeting with legislators.


  • CONTROL OF DOCTORS: Creation of a new tracking database on heart attack patients and a mandate that government require physician use of "evidence-based" treatment protocols, as defined and determined by MDH.


  • HEALTH EQUITY: MDH-tracking of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, language, socioeconomic status and more for the purpose of "advancing health equity" and "eliminating health disparities." This could bring civil rights lawsuits into clinics and be used to push single-payer to secure "equity."


  • UNCONSENTED RESEARCH: New uses of the government's controversial "all-payer claims database" (APCD) to conduct comprehensive research on patients for Big Government purposes. Note: at least 17 states have APCDs. Minnesota's APCD was established in Governor Tim Pawlenty's 2008 health care reform law.


  • END OF PRIVACY RIGHTS: Conforming Minnesota true privacy laws to the federal HIPAA "no-privacy" rule, which would eliminate 11 privacy protections that only Minnesota and Iowa have.


In the press conference we held yesterday, Minnesota state Representative Mary Liz Holberg (R-Lakeville), discussed the all-out "assault" on medical privacy this year.


Although some Democrats are not in agreement with all these bills, it feels like the first two years of President Obama. With total control of the legislature and the governorship, the Democrat leadership is eliminating freedom wherever possible before the next election.


The threat to patient privacy and control is nationwide. Most people have no idea how little they have and how much is being taken away. HIPAA does not protect you; it's an "anti-privacy" law and rule. Most conservative organizations aren't yet tuned into the issue. And too many elected Republicans, listening to Chambers of Commerce controlled by health plans, think our medical data should be shared with the government to create a market in "health care quality" and physician "value." 


Citizens must act before medical privacy is a distant memory, and freedom is gone. Privacy is about control. He who holds the data makes the rules. Act now. Refuse to sign the HIPAA form. Ask your state legislators to require parent consent for Baby DNA storage and use. Ask your state legislators to require consent for sharing of patient data through state Health Information Exchanges. If you're a doctor, refuse to share patient data without consent. If you're a patient, find a doctor who refuses to share your data outside the office and pay cash to keep him or her in business -- and your data private.


It's time to realize that the purpose of government data collection is government control. Nothing less. Donate today to help us stop government surveillance and control over health care and personal lives!


Working to keep patients and doctors in control,


Twila Brase, RN, PHN

President and Co-founder



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News to Know:

Central Data Portal for Medical Records in Minnesota

CCHF held a press conference yesterday to alert the public to Minnesota's latest attempt to nab everyone's medical records. The Commissioner of Health is asking clinics to use a central data portal created by Minnesota Community Measurement to transfer patient-level data from the clinic to the government. Clinics don't have to say yes, so patients need to tell them to say no: "Don't push the 'share' button."  Call your clinic today! If you live elsewhere but use Mayo Clinic, be sure to call them.

Will Digitized Medicine Advance Democracy?

Experts say medical advancements may lower costs by replacing hospital visits with home monitoring and treatments. Using genetics and smart phones, individuals will control their data allowing them to bypass the medical-industrial complex and apply treatments specific to their disease profile and genetic makeup. According to authors, Cook and Topol, benefits will likely come with unanticipated consequences in areas mostly related to privacy, data misuse and information overload.

Three Reasons Medical Data At Risk 

A report outlines three reasons your medical records are at risk: 1) Privacy is on the back burner for designers who focus on health IT system functions not privacy or security; 2) Human error such as mistakes inputting digitally-stored information or providing people with unauthorized access; 3) Organizations don't prepare for insider-instigated breaches. For example, a former nursing assistant stole the names and medical information of about 50 Texas patients.  

Genetic Databases Growing

At least 200,000 participants provided consent for saliva samples to be used by the Genetic Epidemiology Research on Aging project. The project also accumulated electronic medical records, behavioral and demographic information from surveys for NIH's Genotypes and Phenotypes database. This genetic data of more than 55 billion bits was made possible with $24.9 million in federal funds, Kaiser Permanente's longitudinal electronic medical records and Robert Wood Johnson support.

A for Medical Care

MediBid, is an online marketplace where doctors can bid for medical procedures that give consumers more affordable options. The incentive for doctors is to cut out administrative costs associated with taking health insurance. Medibid provides them with access to cash-paying patients. Pricing transparency lets patients compare prices and know the cost in advance including for procedures not covered by insurance.

Risky Behavior: How to Cross the Road 

Researchers at the University of Iowa will receive a $356,337 federal grant using virtual technology to study social influences on risky cycling and pedestrian behavior. Using a "full-body motion tracking system," avatars will be created to represent the motions of participants, and the technology and methods will be built for future behavioral research and simulation-based training. Researchers hope the project will contribute to understanding "the risk factors for car-bicycle and car-pedestrian collisions."

Kiss ICD-10 Profiling Good-Bye!

A blogger claims the new controversial ICD-10 coding system for classifying diagnosis is an "Opportunity."  But he actually makes a case for stopping this system in its tracks. He writes that today's "vague diagnostic information makes it virtually impossible to discern in any large scope what treatment protocols work effectively with what specific conditions." In other words, stopping the ICD-10 system of expanded data collection on patients (140,000 codes instead of today's 18,000) will prohibit vast government analysis and creation of one-size-fits-all treatment protocols. Time to remember the KISS rule and kiss the ICD-10 system good-bye!

Doctors May Retire Early to Escape ICD-10 Rollout

Remember the Obamacare rollout fiasco? The American Medical Association has called for a backup plan for the federal government's October 1, 2014 rollout of the new massive (and intrusive) ICD-10 coding system. Vendors are behind schedule due to extensive time needed for adequate testing of the system. Medical group practices are concerned about a potential billion dollar back-log of medical claims that could jeopardize their financial solvency and disrupt patient access to care.  The AMA says statistics out of all that data "will not be good enough to do any scientific study" and worries about the "untimely retirement" of good doctors.

CMS Part D Proposal Defies Freedom 

A February Healthcare Leadership Council letter portrayed the Center for Medicare Service's Part D proposal as a solution searching for a problem. "Part D has come in way under budget, and that's because people with a lot of experience in the private sector are negotiating the agreements, and senior citizens can vote with their feet," said Mary Grealy, HLC president. So far, 283 groups have asked CMS to withdraw the proposal.

Two Lawsuits Down, One to Go

Judge James R. Spencer ruled ACA premium subsidies can flow in States using the federal He says courts must consider the bill as a whole - not its singular phrases. But CEI's Sam Kazman says his ruling contradicts established law on construing statutes and allows Obama to substitute his version of Obamacare. On February 18, Oklahoma's Attorney General Scott Pruitt filed a motion for summary judgment on a similar lawsuit, saying: "The IRS is unlawfully changing the Affordable Care Act without going through Congress."

Obamacare Landmines

An Association of American Physicians and Surgeons newsletter highlights ongoing instances of data technology vulnerabilities: 1) One in 7 certified Obamacare navigators in New Mexico showed up in the FBI's National Crime Information Center database; 2) A cyber warfare expert extracted 70,000 users' data from Obamacare (unlike Target, the government is not required to notify you if your information is breached); 3) Obamacare mandates telephonic signatures which hinders perjury prosecutions.

What About Parent Consent?

Five pediatric hospital executives are calling on legislators to allow long-term storage of baby DNA and genetic screening results  by state government. They want to repeal current parent consent laws, and allow genetic research. Their op-ed never mentions this is DNA or the risks of government ownership, storage, use, sharing and analysis of every citizens' DNA taken at birth, including Big Government and Big Medicine's power to determine health care availability from beginning to end of life based on one's genetic markers.

Quote of the Week:

"Instead of building more hospitals, we're gonna build more ambulances and helicopters." - Toby Cosgrove, CEO, Cleveland Clinic, FierceHealthcare, March 2, 2014.





Stat of the Week:

$1.8 billion - the cost the Obama administration says they need to run the federal Obamacare exchange,



News Release of the Week:

CCHF Unveils Billboard Campaign Across the Country

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Drivers are bombarded with messages every day while behind the wheel, but Citizens' Council for Health Freedom is hoping its new message about the pitfalls of government health care will give them something to think about on their daily commute. Continue reading

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Our First Freedom Must Be Upheld

The first words of the first amendment say: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Obamacareʼs contraception mandate is thus an assault of our first freedom. Continue reading

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