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March 12, 2014


The “Crimean Takeover” of Health Care

Current events make interesting correlations. Russia's Hitleresque plan to annex Crimea has similarities with the federal takeover of U.S. medicine.


The takeover began with Medicare -- where Congress has already prohibited patients from paying cash for care denied by Medicare.


Crimea's location is special, and Putin's planned takeover is no doubt strategic.


Crimea was given to Ukraine in 1954 to mark the 300th anniversary of Ukraine's merger with the Russian empire. Now Vladimir Putin wants Crimea back. Although the pro-Moscow Ukrainian president was ousted, the Crimean government remains pro-Russia and voted to secede from Ukraine. An unconstitutional referendum to join Russia takes place on March 16. The last person to attempt such a takeover in Europe was Adolph Hitler.


Physicians are also special. They can control who lives and who dies. Unlike the overt takeover by Putin, the federal takeover of medicine by Congress and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is hidden in coding requirements, computerized treatment protocols, data collection, "fraud" inspections and "payment reform." Check out the following comparisons and see if you don't think a bigger battle is in order:



Ukrainian Crimea

U.S. Physicians

Russia's Putin plans sudden annexation of Crimea.

Federal government is slowly annexing doctors through regulations.

Crimea is a key shipping port for Russia.

Doctors are portals to medical care.

In a coup, Crimea's government was taken over by Moscow.

The 1965 single-payer coup (Medicare) let CMS control medical decisions.

Crimea's population will become subject to Russian rule.

Patients and doctors are subject to CMS treatment and IPAB payment decisions.

The Russian invasion began yesterday.

Federal CMS controls/rules grow daily.

Russia's invasion began by taking over border control stations.

CMS invasion into clinics began with Medicare enactment (federal payment).

Ukraine forces barricade themselves against advancing pro-Russians.

Doctors in clinics struggle against federal encroachment in treatment decisions.

Putin claims the takeover will ensure the "legal interests" of the population.

CMS imposes "quality measurement" surveillance to "protect" patients.

250 anti-Russian protestors have disappeared.

Physicians accused of the smallest billing errors disappear into prison for "fraud."

Russia raises Ukraine's price of oil to make military resistance more difficult.

CMS forces doctors to use EMRs or face reduced payments (2009 Recovery Act)

Pro-Russian forces assault Pro-Ukrainian demonstrators.

Federal "strike forces" enter clinics with guns drawn, in search of "fraud."

Ukraine's minority Tatars fear being thrown out of their homeland again.

Elderly and disabled patients fear rationing of needed medical care.

Russia exerts military dominance.

CMS exerts financial force/police power.

Tatars ask "Will Barack Obama help us?"

U.S. President Barack Obama advanced the federal takeover through Obamacare.


Just as the U.S. may need to help Crimea stay free, patients need to help doctors go free. Support physicians who know their ethical obligation is to serve you, not a socialized medicine regime. Recognize the controls available to patient and doctor through cash, check or charge -- and encourage your doctor to "go cash."


Donate today to CCH Freedom. Support our efforts to resist the federal regime and stop the takeover --- before you no longer have a choice.


Partnering with you to resist the takeover,


Twila Brase

President and Co-founder





News to Know:

CCHF'S Obamacare Billboard Campaign

The president is determined to capture the young and healthy into the Obamacare net, but CCHF is just as determined to tell people why they should refuse to enroll. We checked out where the millennials live in the highest numbers and set up billboards in this last critical month. They are posted in Nashville, Orlando, Denver, Houston and Minneapolis. Here is our great billboard in Denver. Consider donating to get a billboard in your city. Driving truth home prior to the next open enrollment will help people refuse to enroll in the future. And it may help the already enrolled to quit paying Obamacare premiums and opt out! Yard signs are also available!

Obama: Who Says the Law Prohibits It?

Last December, HHS Secretary Sebelius said further ObamaCare delays were not expected. But two delays have since been issued. Since state-run exchanges aren't working well, enrollees outside exchanges have been declared eligible for ACA premium subsidies -- even though Section 1401 prohibits it. In addition, the employer mandate for businesses with 50 - 99 employees has been delayed. But this week, the administration says they have no authority to extend the Obamacare enrollment period beyond March 31. They must want to get off the enrollment hot seat.

Screening DNA is Almost Here

After 13 years and $3 billion of taxpayer funding, new breakthroughs in the genetic sequencing of DNA base pairs could quickly unlock the secrets of Down's syndrome, cancer and all other diseases. In response Jay Flatley, CEO of Illumina urges, "What we need to do now is get hundreds of thousands to millions of genomes in databases with clinical information." If genetic sequencing tests become routine, a Goldman Sachs analyst estimates the market could reach $6 billion annually.

Will Genetic Codes Lead to Profit?

Using private funding, Dr. Craig Venter tied with the publicly funded Human Genome Project in a race to sequence the first human genome. Dr. Venter is now planning to make his new company, Human Longevity, the largest human DNA sequencing operation in the world. Even though the Human Genome Project provides free data, he hopes to profit by selling genomic sequencing data to pharmaceutical companies to create drugs and diagnostic tests.

Hey Mikey! They Don't Like It!

Although 64 million people visited state-based (SBM) and federal (FFM) Obamacare websites, and almost 16 million calls were made to state and federal call centers through January 2014, only 3.3 million people hit the "enroll in a plan" button by Feb 1. People haven't been sold on the plan because the premium, even after premium subsidies, is too high for plans that also have high deductibles. Potential enrollees don't see the value. Now HHS reports 4.2 million have signed up, but Secretary Sebelius has no clue how many have paid. So they have no clue how many people are actually enrolled.

Government Entering Clinics by Health IT

Proponents claim Electronic Health Records (EHRs) will be able to use real-time data to identify and target real-time problems. To that end, the Centers for Disease Control and others are creating the Practical Playbook to integrate public health (government) and primary care (clinics): "The Playbook will offer a comprehensive approach to transform the relationship between the public health and primary care sectors," reports deBeaumont Foundation.

Fishing Expedition for Previously Uninsured

Government staff analysts face a major hindrance in examining the prior insurance status of individuals While paper applications contains a "No" box for people to indicate that they were previously uninsured, the online applications do not. To determine how many previously uninsured individuals are now enrolling, analysts are "looking at a range of data sources to determine how many marketplace enrollees previously had coverage."

Not Buying; Not Paying

A long-time insurance underwriting rule says at least 70% participation of an eligible group is needed to sustain coverage for the whole. The Kaiser Family Foundation finds only 2.5 million individuals have enrolled out of 17.2 million subsidy-eligible individuals or 15% of the total eligible. Further complicating matters are independent reviews concluding that 20% of the January enrollees never paid their premium and another 2-5% did not pay their second month premium.

The Uninsured Say "Too Expensive!"

A McKinsey survey found that only 27% of Obamacare sign-ups were uninsured while 73% were already insured. Of the 27%, nearly half had yet to pay a premium compared to 86% the already insureds who had paid. When asked why they did not enroll, 50% responded, "I could not afford to pay the premium;" 27% cited technical challenges; 14% couldn't find a plan that met their needs and 21% were still deciding.

The High Cost of Cloud Storage  

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will pay Terremark, Verizon's cloud division, up to $58 million to store and manage Obamacare data for an additional seven months while it prepares to move that data to a separate Health Insurance Marketplace Virtual Data Center managed by HP Enterprise Services. Ongoing repairs have increased costs tenfold since 2011. CMS hopes the additional funds will improve user experience and exchange functionality. 

We Win; They Whine

Physician G. Keith Smith, MD, owner of the cash-for-care Surgery Center of Oklahoma, blogs: "An appropriate response to those who continuously say, 'Stop Resisting Obamacare,' would be, 'What does that mean today?' It looks to me like the resistance the die-hard Obamacare supporters have decried has been effective in at least delaying its implementation.  No wonder the supporters of this "law" want people to stop resisting!  This is the equivalent of a shrill Berlin Wall guard whining about people always trying to escape."

Surveillance to Reduce "Health Disparities"?

In a letter, Rep. Lois Capps (D-Calif.), and others recommend the Obama Administration integrate health disparities tracking into the "meaningful use" (MU) incentive program for health information technology (IT). They suggest the program use more comprehensive data collection similar to the Census including the collection of disability status, sexual orientation and gender identity of patients. The lawmakers also suggest the use of smartphones to ensure health care access for patients from underserved populations. (Bloomberg BNA, Health IT Law & Industry Report, March 6, 2014)

Obamacare Commits Fraud

A TV story reports that a Utah father paid for a dental plan through the federal Obamacare health exchange. When his adult children tried to use the plan, they were told it was only for pediatric services. Although he tried to cancel the policy, the father was unable to do so using either the insurer or the exchange. It seems Obamacare took monthly payments and provided nothing in return.

Quote of the Week:

"If the cancelled policies are creating an election-year nightmare for the Democrats, think about how politically problematic big fines for not buying an Obamacare policy that consumers don't want would be in the 2016 presidential election year. ... If the administration is willing to let employers off the hook, and now these people who had individual coverage before, why won't it let the people who don't want to buy an Obamacare policy off the individual mandate hook rather than have them be angry in an election-year--2014 and 2016? All of these delays are just tinkering around the edges of a law that is deeply flawed.


The biggest flaw is that the product the Obama administration is trying to sell to consumers is not the product people want to buy. Rejiggering deadlines until this thing is contorted like a pretzel is exactly the wrong thing to do. Obamacare needs a fundamental fix. I have to believe that even its most ardent supporters are coming to that realization." - Robert Laszewski, author of Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review blog, March 5, 2014.

Stat of the Week:

434,000 - health IT job postings between 2007 and 2011. The Health IT workforce, estimated in 2008 to need an additional 51,000 people, actually added 60,000 people and was still experiencing shortages.  In the Recovery Act of 2009, the Obama administration essentially mandated computerized medical records, provided approximately $27 billion for Health IT, and mandated "meaningful use" (data sharing) of computerized medical records if doctors and hospitals wanted access to federal grants to help cover the cost of the mandate.



News Release of the Week:

Legislation Will Strip Minnesota Parents of Consent for Storage and Use of Baby DNA

There's something expectant parents should know about the impending birth of their little ones this year. Their baby's most precious gift - their genetic blueprint - is at risk of being used and stored forever by the Minnesota Health Department - without consent. Continue reading

Featured Health Freedom Minute:

When Doctors Follow Rather Than Lead

You want to trust your doctor will do whatʼs best for you. But what if your doctor has become a follower instead of a leader? In the British Medical Journal, Jeanne Lenz writes, Continue reading

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