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April 16, 2014

Submit Your "I Refused" HIPAA Story

NEW! We have created a  special page for you to submit your "I refused to sign the HIPAA form" story to us. It's

We've already received one story, even before the page was announced. These stories will be pulled together and used not only to highlight your rights under the law (to refuse to sign), but to eventually undo the so-called HIPAA privacy rule that gives  2.2 million entities access to your medical data. Please do refuse to sign and do let us know what happened. 

For example, one CCHF supporter recently convinced her doctor to change the consent form to have a signature line for each of the consents being requested on the page. That way she could consent to treatment, but she could refuse to sign the HIPAA form.

Stop Repeal of Genetic Privacy in Minnesota

The Minnesota legislature is out on vacation until next week, but when they come back there is a bill to repeal genetic privacy at birth. The bill repeals parent consent requirements for the storage, use, analysis, extraction of newborn DNA from newborn screening bloodspots and genetic test results. Amendments to retain parent consent will be offered.

The voting could happen anytime in the next two weeks in the MN House. The MN Senate, which doesn't face election for three years, appears to be waiting to see what happens in the House.

CCHF sought other strong testifiers during the committee hearings. As a result, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) gave strong testimony against the bill, as did the New York-based Council for Responsible Genetics. So far that has not made a difference, but now every member has to actually vote on the bill in an election year. The following CCHF document, along with a copy of the  ACLU testimony, is what CCHFreedom began handing out to members last week.

"If you live outside of Minnesota, share this with your state legislators to try to highlight the issue and ask them to introduce legislation that requires parent consent for storage, use and sharing of Baby DNA in your state (check out To see how long your state warehouses Baby DNA, click here.

Contact Congress too. Contact  your US House Representative and tell him or her not to pass the Newborn Screening Saves Lives Reauthorization Act until parent requirements for storage and use are added as a prerequisite to receiving funding. Check out the article written by CCHF's president and just published in GeneWatch magazine, titled Baby DNA Warehousing. If you live in Minnesota, please consider writing a short letter to your local newspaper editor this week or next week using these points:



Reveal the Obamacare Machine

We recently updated our popular diagram of Obamacare. It shows the national infrastructure that the law sets up for data collection, dollar transfers and IRS enforcement. If you haven't seen it yet, here you go. Post it in your cubicle or wherever else you think your friends and neighbors can have a chance to see what Obamacare is really building. Then ask them to refuse to enroll in Obamacare.


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