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December 26, 2012

Dear Friend,

I have good news!

We need your help to defeat Obamacare. And there's no time to lose. Click here to donate today!

This is good news because Obamacare can be defeated. President Obama may have been re-elected, but he can't implement Obamacare on his own, or even with a committed crew of federal bureaucrats. 

President Obama needs 50 States to help him implement the federal takeover of health care, but CCHF is working hard to make that very difficult for him. For example, we:

  • Sent certified letters to all 50 governors asking them to refuse to set up the ACA Exchanges
  • Initiated the "Slow Obamacare" campaign to stall the regulators
  • Published a chart called "ACA Health Insurance Exchanges: State Costs and Status"

Despite the results of the recent election -- which guarantees Obamacare cannot yet be repealed -- I am hopeful about the state of health freedom in America because the States are rising up to the challenge before us.

Many states have said no to installing the ACA health insurance Exchanges, or as I like to call them, "federal takeover centers." The feds say states retain control if they install state exchanges, but Texas Governor Rick Perry said the idea of state control is an "illusion." He's correct. Every state Exchange is a federal Exchange that will be used to control the entire health care industry, from insurers to doctors.

The Administration is now offering the refusing states millions of federal dollars and the opportunity to "partner" with the federal government in running an Exchange. These "partnership exchanges" are really the Federal exchange in disguise -- but funded by the State. The so-called partnership exchange is not even in Obamacare. It was invented through regulation in an attempt to secure funding for the Federal Exchange which was never funded in Obamacare, and which the U.S. House refuses to fund.

Also hopeful is the Oklahoma lawsuit against the IRS. It challenges the IRS rule which claims the HHS-run Federal Exchange  can issue premium subsidies when Obamacare only allows state exchanges to do so. This is key. Without access to federal subsidies, many individuals and employers will be exempt from Obamacare mandates and penalties. 

This fact alone may cause a new national competition. 

Our country's future could be a future of "free states" (free from the exchange and its penalties) and Obamacare "exchange states" where stiff penalties occur. Imagine the market forces as individuals and businesses make decisions about staying in the "exchange states" or fleeing to the "free states."

To date, 18 states have agreed to set up and fund the government Exchanges. This means higher taxes or insurance premiums. It's critically important that the remaining states do not waver and do not cooperate in any way, shape or form with an Exchange.

Obamacare is NOT a done deal. 

States can stop it. We plan to help. As I explained at our recent fundraising event  (videotaped speech), CCHF is seeking your financial support to build a national campaign called "Exchange OptOut" (

 It is possible to stop Obamacare while Obama is still in office.

With your generous donation of $60, $120, $360, $1440 or more, CCHF will provide individuals, groups, and policymakers with tools to resist the Exchange. 

We need to raise $45,000 in the next five days. Help us expand our operational capacity in 2013 to meet the rising demands. Folks in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin are already asking for our assistance. 

Please give generously to this great cause!

CLICK HERE or send us a check by December 31 to: 

Citizens' Council for Health Freedom
161 St. Anthony Ave, Ste. 923
Saint Paul, MN 55103

With Warmest Christmas Greetings,

Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President & Co-founder
Citizens' Council for Health Freedom

Citizens' Council for Health Freedom
161 St. Anthony Avenue, Ste 923
St. Paul, MN 55103
Phone: 651.646.8935 • Fax: 651.646.0100

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