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January 30, 2013

Single-Seller "Marketplace"

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), individuals should go to the "Health Insurance Marketplace" to buy health insurance. As in THE marketplace. Just one. This is the federal government's imposed national chain of Obama's "health insurance exchanges" (HIX) with state names (e.g. "Minnesota Insurance Marketplace," "Vermont Health Connect," "Covered California," and "Washington healthplanfinder"). Each one uses a 24/7 internet infrastructure connected to the Federal government through the Federal Data Services  Hub. 

The Obama administration wants the government "marketplace" to be the only place to buy health Insurance. This is their plan for national health care. This is why States that have refused to install the "state exchange" must also refuse to let the federal government install the "federal exchange" (federal website with federal name connected to federal hub).

Over the weekend, HHS tweeted a "Health Insurance Marketplace" twitpic as a tie-in with the Winter X Games. Notice how HHS claimed the new government "marketplace" is a place to buy health insurance with "less hassle." Somehow they forgot to mention the federal bureaucracy or the privacy intrusion:

At, HHS says the following about the federal "Health Insurance Marketplace":

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News to Know:

Costs Skyrocket Under RomneyCare

The Wall Street Journal  reports, "Health care was 23% of the state budget in 2000, and 25% in 2006 [the year RomneyCare was enacted], but it has climbed to 41% for 2013. On current trend it will roll past 50% around 2020 - and that best case scenario assumes Mr. Patrick's price controls work as planned. (They won't.) In real terms the state's annual health-care budget is 15% larger than it was in 2007, while transportation has plunged by 22%, public safety by 17% and education by 7%. Today Massachusetts spends less on roads, police and schools after adjusting for  inflation than it did in 2007." Governor Patrick has proposed raising the income tax by 1%, eliminating 45 income-tax deductions and raising the personal exemption.

OK Attorney General is Unswerving

Mr. Scott Pruitt, the Attorney General of Oklahoma, has sued the IRS for a violation of Obamacare. The federal government has asked the court to dismiss the case. In a rule issued in 2011, the IRS allows the "federal exchange" to issue premium subsidies to enrollees. However, Pruitt contends the law only allows such subsidies to be issued by "state exchanges." He says, "The administration miscalculated how many states would support this law, so now they're using the IRS to push through provisions that Congress did not pass."

As  reported by the Durant Daily Democrat, "Pruitt argues that the IRS created a rule that allows it to levy millions of dollars in tax penalties on 'large employers,' which include state or local governments, in states using the federal exchange. That power was never given to the IRS as part of the law and allows the government to punish states that didn't create their own exchanges, he argued..." The Obama administration says it's "a 'difference of opinion'" but Pruitt says the rule is unconstitutional because it gives government control over state legislative and executive powers, exceeds Congress' authority  and infringes on state sovereignty.

Deaf Twins Euthanized

Where is Helen Keller when you need her? Shortly before Christmas, on December 14, Belgian doctors  euthanized 45-year old deaf identical twins who were going blind. This new disorder, a form of glaucoma, along with other medical problems, apparently made them think they had nothing to live for. Their doctor agreed saying, "All that together made life unbearable." Belgian law allows euthanasia for "a medically futile condition of constant and unbearable physical or mental suffering that cannot be alleviated, resulting from a serious and incurable disorder caused by illness or accident." They were suffering no physical pain and were not terminally ill. Belgium has had 10 years of legalized euthanasia, 5,500 deaths by euthanasia, and not one case referred to the police. Below twin brothers: Marc and Eddy Verbessem:

Exchanges: Monitoring Patients and Physicians

The function of an Exchange goes beyond the purchase of insurance and the issuing of mandate exemption certificates. According to the "Exchange Establishment" Rule, the Exchange is required to be involved in the delivery of health care: "The Exchange must evaluate quality improvement strategies and oversee implementation of enrollee satisfaction surveys, assessment and ratings of health care quality and outcomes, information disclosures, and data reporting in accordance with sections 1311(c)(1), 1311(c)(3), and 1311(c)(4) of the Affordable Care Act."

Hurry Up and Die!

At the National Council on Social Security Reforms, Japan's finance minister Taro Aso suggested the elderly "hurry up and die" to relieve pressure on the government to pay for their medical treatments,  reports BioEdge. He said, "Heaven forbid if you are forced to live on when you want to die. I would wake up feeling increasingly bad knowing that [treatment] was all being paid for  by the government." He referred to the elderly who cannot care for themselves as "tube people." In 2008, he called "doddering" pensioners tax burdens who should have looked after themselves better: "Why should I have to pay for people who just eat and drink and make no effort?" I've been to Japan. Whatever happened to the society that honors their elderly?

Quotes of the Week:


The general public does not understand the impact of ACA either in general or as it affects them as individuals. Among ordinary working people there will be many big losers and many negative surprises. --Ronald B. Sieloff, attorney and former state legislator, in testimony at Minnesota Senate hearing, January 28, 2013.


If you think about doctors and nurses and home health aides, you name it, they all provide hands-on services, and it's generally not that easy for such professions to improve their productivity. -- Richard S. Foster, retiring chief actuary for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, regarding federal payment changes to increase efficiency and improve quality, Politico Pro, January 27, 2013.


Instead of trying to penalize them and change their ways, why not just let these health sinners die? -- Mike Stobbe, AP medical writer, writing about increasing premiums for people who smoke or are obese, Associated Press, January 26, 2013.

Stats of the Week:

$3.4 billion - expected federal grants 2012 - 2016 for "Exchange Start up"

$105 million - Rhode Island's three-year contract with Deloitte to build technology infrastructure for Rhode Island-based Obamacare Exchange.

$5 million - what MN paid for a logo design for government exchange.

1,000 - number of new enrollees per day Colorado exchange must prepare to receive.

75% - generic proportion of all prescriptions today, up from 40% in 2003. (POLITICO Pro, January 27, 2013)

News Release of the Week:

Ten States Receive Grants to Connect with "Federal Surveillance Centers"

ST. PAUL, Minn. - The federal health department recently granted $1.5 billion in aid to states actively building their health insurance exchanges - government entities that feed private data into a 'Federal Surveillance Center' that has access to a wide variety of data about all Americans and makes it available to state and federal government agencies, according to the Citizens' Council for Health Freedom (CCHF, The government touts the exchanges as a simple marketplace for insurance, where consumers can shop there and find many choices for health insurance.  Citizens' Council for Health Freedom says nothing could be further from the truth.

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Featured Health Freedom Minute:

Anonymous DNA is Identifiable

Anonymous DNA is identifiable. As The Wall Street Journal reports, "Genetic information stored anonymously in databases doesnʼt always stay that way." A new study identified 50 people who submitted their DNA for scientific study only after being assured that no identifying information would be included with the sample. Continue reading

Twila Brase broadcasts a daily, 60-second radio feature, Health Freedom Minute, which brings health care issues to light for the American public. Health Freedom Minute airs on the entire American Family Radio Network, with more than 150 stations nationwide in addition to Bott Radio Network with over 80 stations nationwide.

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