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March 13, 2013

The Battle for America

The battle over Obamacare is bigger than health care. It's about whether we'll be a free nation of free people or whether government will rule over our lives and determine our value. Three years after Obama's health reform bill became the so-called "law of the land," it's nowhere close to being accepted as such. The average of three polls taken between June and November 2012 shows  50.3% of Americans support repeal and only 44.3% oppose repeal. This is good news!

The states are battlegrounds. Various GOP governors are wrestling with Exchanges and Medicaid expansion. For instance, Republicans have  just rejected GOP Florida Governor Rick Scott's embrace of Medicaid expansion. But it appears Idaho's Republican governor "Butch" Otter, and a platoon of wayward Republicans, may soon build Obama's exchange for him, despite outrage by main street Republicans.

It's not settled in Congress either. A new call for repeal is coming from GOP Senators. Congressman Paul Ryan's new budget gets half of its savings - $1.84 trillion - from  defunding Obamacare. Sequestration has also cut $20 million from Obama's rationing-based Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute and  $44 million from Obama's Exchanges. Even better, per POLITICO, the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate has  rejected Obama's request for $949 million to develop the Exchanges.

Here's some more good news. The Exchanges, which are key to the federal takeover of health care, are a "no-go" for at least half the states. The other half cannot implement national health care on their own.

Desperate federal officials now resort to stealth. Since not one dime has been appropriated . . .

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News to Know:

ObamaBurgers Comin' Right Up

The owner of Five Guys, a popular burger joint, says prices for burgers are going up because of Obamacare. Mike Ruffer, a franchise holder with eight Five Guys restaurants in the Raleigh-Durham, N.C. area, says he'll need all the profits from at least one of his restaurants to pay the $60,000 in new Obamacare costs. He thought he'd escape the law because he created each restaurant as its own company but the IRS doesn't recognize the difference. So Mr. Ruffer may fire workers or cut hours to avoid the penalty. He'll already put plans for three new restaurants on hold. Ruffer has quizzed his employees. Only  one of every 20 workers knew they'd be fined if they were uninsured.

Regulatory Nightmare in One Picture

We secured the following photo directly from the Office of U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, who said on the Senate floor that there are  more than 20,000 pages of Obamacare regulations -- so far. Few read the 2,700 pages of the Obamacare law. Who will read these? Who can even follow them? According to a September Gallup poll,  47 percent of Americans say the government regulates too much.

Winston Churchill once said, "If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law." Constitutional attorney Jonathan Emord writes, "Fully  nine-tenths of all federal laws now implemented are not the product of those we elect but are the products of the unelected heads of the federal agencies. That is rule by oligarchy. Consequently, the United States is in fact no longer a limited federal republic." Using McConnell's count and Emord's estimate, we've still got 7,000 pages more to go. But in fact, estimates for Obamacare regulations have been as high as  150,000 pages.

Photo from the Office of Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

  • Obamacare's #RedTapeTower of regulations is more than 20,000 pages and stands more than 7 feet high - a stark contrast to the Obamacare bill's 2,700 pages.

No Savings from Electronic Medical Records

Imagine that. The mandatory switch to electronic health records (EHRs) has yielded  no cost savings. A 2005 report funded by corporate interests (General Electric and Cerner) predicted widespread EHRs would save $81 billion a year in health care costs. In 2008, the CBO criticized the study for overstating expected savings, saying it was "not an appropriate guide." In 2009, Congress and the administration essentially mandated EHRs and provided  $36.5 billion in incentive payments. To date,  none of the $11 billion in incentive payments have been audited. Meanwhile, Cerner's revenue has tripled from $1 billion in 2005 to an expected $3 billion in 2013.

The new study says, "the empirical data on the technology's impact on health care efficiency and safety are mixed, and annual health care expenditures in the United States have grown by $800 billion."  One of the reasons stated for this lack of savings is that doctors are refusing to "reengineer care processes to reap the full benefits of health IT." Just what you want: a doctor that changes how he cares for you so it works for a computer made by a corporation that's clueless about patient care. Deaths have occurred already. Click here for CCHF's new  "Electronic Health Records - 10 Concerns."

Who Wins?

Letter from Health Sharing Member

"We became aware of Samaritan Ministries in 2001 or 2002, but continued to play the juggling game with the insurance industry due to our lack of faith/trust in God's provision through Samaritan members. We finally arrived at an astronomic deductible and a more than $500 a month premium for a three-person policy ... and then the inevitable happened. We had a medical need that included tests, doctor visits, and even outpatient 'surgery' treatment that totaled over $7,000, all of which was 'out of pocket.' It took us three years to pay that off, even with forgiveness of some debt by several of the parties. We knew we couldn't keep this up, so we made a leap of faith and joined Samaritan Ministries. What peace! What joy! ... Then during the first year we were members we experienced a need, and it was all taken care of. ...

"I (Tracy) worked in health care for 10 years, from front desk through billing. I would recommend Samaritan over any insurance product out there. Insurance has no assurance. In fact, it seems everything is written in such a way that there will be no assurance at the time of need. We just wish that we had trusted in God's provisions sooner." - James & Tracy S., Shillington, PA, Samaritan Ministries brochure.

Quotes of the Week:

"The Portion Cap Rule, if upheld, would create an administrative Leviathan and violate the separation of powers doctrime. The Rule would not only violate the separation of powers doctrine, it would eviscerate it. Such an evisceration has the potentioal to be more troubling than sugar sweetened beverages." --  Honorable Milton A. Tingling, JSC, who ruled the NYC Board of Health's 16 oz. cap on soda pop "arbitrary and capricious" and "invalid," Supreme Court of the State of New York, March 11, 2013.

"The United Kingdom Special Forces have a motto - "who dares, wins." It's time for conservative Republicans in Congress to dare. The future of our nation depends on it." Congressman Matt Salmon (R-AZ), in a commentary asking conservative members of Congress to challenge GOP leadership's continued big spending, Washington Times, March 11, 2013.

"Nobody knows what's going on with the exchanges. I mean nobody, flat out. ... I would never bet my career on anything the IT department told me." --  Robert Laszewski, a former health insurance executive, Journal Sentinel, March 9, 2013.

Stats of the Week:

$949 million - amount Obama wants for setting up state health-care exchanges in Senate's six-month stopgap spending bill  -- and Senate refuses to give him.

$15 billion - tax on health insurance companies over next ten years; will mean higher premiums.

11% - annual increase in Medicaid since it was created.

36% - individual health plans today that fail Obama's limit on maximum out-of-pocket spending.

2% - health plans today that meet ACA's "essential health benefit" requirements.

80% - health plans that increased premium rates after consumers applied.

Featured Health Freedom Minute:

Health Sharing to Escape Obamacare

Three Health Sharing Organizations exist in the U.S. They are all Christian organizations and none are insurers. Several years ago, I did a report on health sharing, including a chart comparing the three groups. Itʼs a little dated now, but one of the groups used our comparison chart as a template to do their own update of our information. Bottomline, members share each otherʼs medical expenses. Continue reading

Twila Brase broadcasts a daily, 60-second radio feature, Health Freedom Minute, which brings health care issues to light for the American public. Health Freedom Minute airs on the entire American Family Radio Network, with more than 150 stations nationwide in addition to Bott Radio Network with over 80 stations nationwide.

Click here to listen to this week's features.

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