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August 7, 2013


CCHF Targeted by Obamacare Supporters

The Obamacare battle isn't over and liberals aren't happy. Our "Refuse to Enroll" campaign against the government Exchanges is making national headlines...and generating unhappy emails and tweets.


This means we are being effective and pro-Obamacare liberals are scared.  They have millions and millions of taxpayer dollars to market Obamacare and drive the public into Obamacare Exchanges, yet CCHF is seen as a target they need to attack.


It all began when The Washington Post did an article, "Inside the Obamacare Resistance," including a link to our "Refuse to Enroll" flier.  Then a  Bloomberg News editorial writer slammed our effort in " The Big Lie Goes After Obamacare," and worriedly wrote, "This campaign would be amusing, if it didn't stand a significant chance of actually persuading people to sacrifice their own health and finances for somebody else's political cause." But when asked by reporters in a national conference call with reporters, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, tried to dismiss our efforts in The Hufffington Post saying it's "a pretty dismal effort underway."


It's your effort and ours...and it's not dismal. It's real.


Please donate $10, $25, $100 or more today so we can broaden the scope and reach of this critical campaign to stop Obamacare enroute to its repeal! Your donation can help us do even more!


And while the Christian Post wrote a fairly objective version of our campaign, The Maddow Blog at MSNBC claims that we're part of a group of "Republican activists" who "want to destroy the federal health care system out of spite."


They miss the point. CCHF is actually working to protect and preserve the best health care system in the world - the one that people all over the world come to when their socialized systems leave them waiting months or years for care. CCHF is working for all citizens regardless of their political stripe -- right, left, conservative, libertarian, progressive, reformed, independent, and even socialist. Because when you're a patient...

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News to Know:

TAKE ACTION: Oppose New "Routine Use" of Data

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is readying to connect with Obamacare by providing sensitive personal information to the Federal Data Services Hub to help determine individuals' eligibility for government health plans. The SSA plans to allow the ACA eligibility determination system ("data hub") to access Social Security master files of Social Security number holders and applications. The SSA has published a notice in the Federal Register of a new "routine use" of this private data. Public comments on the new proposed routine records are due Aug. 31.

Newborn Screening Bill Advances Surveillance

U.S. Senators Kay Hagan (D-NC) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) introduced the bipartisan Newborn (genetic) Screening Saves Lives Reauthorization Act, updating a law enacted in 2008. The bill adds surveillance language and provides grants "to develop longitudinal followup and tracking programs" for newborn screening, standardized reporting, sharing of data with other surveillance systems and using electronic medical records (Section 10). The proposed appropriation for 2014 - 2018 is $25,834,000. Nothing in the bill supports private non-government testing or secures the right of a child to be free of lifelong government genetic surveillance and profiling. Contact them: Hatch and Hagan.

Go Live Gone Wrong

Though the newest trend in health care seems to be switching from paper to electronic records, it is not without its risks, as evidenced by the disastrous electronic health record (EHR) system rollout attempted by a Maine hospital. According to Maine Medical Center President and CEO Richard W. Petersen, the launch of a $160 million shared EHR last December has had some unintended financial consequences." In the four months since launch, the Maine Medical Center has lost its CIO, announced hiring and travel freezes and delayed further attempts to implement the EHR.

IRS Employees: We Don't Want Obamacare

To show just how unpopular Obamacare truly is, employees of the IRS have loudly announced their distaste for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and GOP Congressman Chuck Grassley's language in the law that will require federal employees to enroll in Obamacare's exchanges. According to a letter drafted by the National Treasury Employees Union, an organization representing IRS workers, ACA was intended to provide insurance for those without coverage, "not to take coverage away from employees who already receive it through their employers." What does that say about the IRS? Does it say that the federal agency that will use the national Exchange system to conduct surveillance on all Americans to impose Obamacare are balking at the prospect of having to use it themselves?

Federal Data Hub - No Proof of Data Security

Partial testing of the "data hub" central to the new Obamacare Exchange system has been completed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), with the remaining testing scheduled to be completed by September before open enrollment begins October 1. CMS spent $394 million between 2010 and 2013 to develop and test the Hub, with over $300 million going to ten contractors. Though functionality testing is nearing completion, lawmakers are still concerned with the Hub's data security and fraud prevention measures, which have yet to be fully verified. On August 2, the HHS Office of Inspector General wrote about security concerns: "Because the [security] documents were still drafts, we could not assess CMS's efforts to identify security controls and system risks for the Hub and implement safeguards and controls to mitigate identified risks."

Greedy Doctors are Not the Cause

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recently released a report that contradicts Dartmouth Health Atlas' claim that variations in Medicare spending are due to the greed of doctors. The $8.5 million report found that variations in Medicare spending do not directly correspond to variations in non-Medicare spending. The findings support a 2009 National Center for Policy Analysis report that also found no correlations between Medicare and non-Medicare spending. The IOM report determined that varying Medicare costs can mostly be attributed to nursing facilities and home and long-term-care services.

Intrusive Federal Codes Mean Delayed Payments

Even if health care practitioners and hospitals are on schedule to operate using the controversial and intrusive ICD-10 treatment and tracking codes by Oct. 1, 2014, it is very likely that they will still experience payment disruptions. If transitions do not go a smoothly as predicted, these payment delays pose a big problem for doctors because they still need to pay employees and cover other operating costs. Analysts have advised providers to count on reimbursement delays and to prepare by building up several months of cash reserves.

Blind No More: A CanadaCare Delay

A Quebec man born legally blind recently received the gift of sight at age 66 after doctors identified and removed cataracts following a separate hospital visit. Pierre-Paul Thomas, blind since birth, visited the hospital two years ago for injuries sustained in a fall. While in the hospital, the doctors asked if Thomas would like them to fix his eyes by removing the cataracts. After a successful surgery, Thomas is able to see clear colors and shapes for the first time. Though this story is heartwarming, it makes one question whether Thomas never received prior surgery due to Canada's health system. If America alters its health system to resemble CanadaCare, will some Americans have to wait 60 years for care?

Aetna Abandons Maryland's Exchange

Insurance company Aetna, Inc. dropped out of Maryland's ACA health insurance exchange after the state pressured Aetna to significantly lower its rates. In a letter sent to the Maryland Department of Insurance on August 1, Aetna stated that the state's requests for rate reductions up to 29% would result in Aetna operating at a loss. Aetna's decision to leave the government Exchanges means Maryland residents that enroll in the exchanges will now even fewer "choices" when it comes to health coverage. As of August 5, 2013, Aetna has also withdrawn from Exchanges in Connecticut and Georgia.

Worries Realized: Low Attendance at Obamacare Events

President Obama's Organizing for Action (OFA) campaign recently kicked off a series of events in an attempt to define Obamacare and educate the public in hopes of encouraging enrollment in the ACA exchanges. However, attendance at these events is lower than OFA hoped, with only one person attending an event in Centreville, Virginia. According to Obamacare critics, this lack of attendance reflects the American attitude toward the law: ambivalence. Though certain aspects, like coverage for pre-existing conditions, can sound appealing, Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin believes the majority attitude is: "The American people don't want this law."

Japan: National Health Information Exchange?

Japanese health officials are considering using digital "medical receipts" as a starting point for a nationwide health information exchange. The receipts, if implemented, will record an individual's treatments, surgeries, medications and diagnoses. These types of receipts are already used in nearly 80% of Japanese hopsitals, but officials hope to combine the data to expand the care system. What sets this apart from other proposed exchange programs, like the Obamacare Exchange, is that information databases would first be established regionally on an opt-in basis, allowing for no exchange of an individual's information without direct patient consent.

Quote of the Week:


"When Obamacare sickens union workers and big Labor bosses - even those at the IRS - it is well past time to repeal and replace this execrable law, before it infects anyone else." - Deroy Murdock, Fox News Contributor, National Review Online, July 31, 2013.


Stat of the Week:

$12 billion - cost to federal government of delaying the Obamacare employer mandate, with $10 billion from a reduction in expected employer penalty payments.


News Release of the Week:

CVS Pushes Obamacare With Federal "Navigators" in Stores

Citizens' Council for Health Freedom Urges CVS Customers to Shop Elsewhere as CVS Decides to Back Obamacare

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Twila Brase, president and co-founder of Citizens' Council for Health Freedom, is calling on the American public to stand up against CVS Caremark for pushing an unpopular and destructive health care plan that is bad for the country.

CVS is not only promoting Obamacare in their stores, but also allowing "Navigators," who are untrained and without background checks, into their stores to convince and coerce customers to sign up for state health insurance exchanges. These exchanges are riddled with privacy intrusions, limited choice in doctors, and increased costs to both citizens and taxpayers. Continue reading

Featured Health Freedom Minute:

It's Not Breaking the Law

Obamacare and the Obama administration have picked winners and losers. First, large employers who donʼt insure their employees are exempt from penalties for a year, but individuals who refuse to insure themselves will be fined. Second, high income federal employees will have their health insurance subsidized by their employer on the government Exchange, but other high-income individuals will be on their own. Continue reading

Twila Brase broadcasts a daily, 60-second radio feature, Health Freedom Minute, which brings health care issues to light for the American public. Health Freedom Minute airs on the entire American Family Radio Network, with more than 150 stations nationwide in addition to Bott Radio Network with over 80 stations nationwide.

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